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Okay…………so having finished one challenge for 2014………I elected to read 104 books and review them – you won’t find the evidence on here, as some of my 104 turned out to be damp squibs, wallpaper or turkeys, in my far-from-humble.

Regular droppers by on here know that only the adored make these pages. The hall of shamed damp wallpaper turkeys, not to mention the adored, all surfaced on Amazon UK

Anyway, having finished that one, which I picked up from The Mad Reviewer I’m up for other mountains to climb. Incidentally Carrie of The Mad Reviewer did allow her reading marathoners to pick their distance. Is it any surprise I went for the long haul, the veritable book mountain?? And I wouldn’t be surprised if she does another in 2015…keep watching that space

Anyway, I digress (sort of), because I found another book related challenge which set some guided benchmarks, and thought it would be fun to try. I guess I could up the ante for myself, if it looks too easy, by ensuring that every one read had to make the blog, which would mean that if I picked a turkey for myself in a category, i would just have to read more of that kind till I found one which made the grade. Just as long as it’s not the over 500 pages one; I think I need to get that right from the off; not to mention the trilogy.

And………to make it even more difficult, I shan’t allow myself to have re-reads (that would be a really easy way of doing it) Them’s my rules for me!

Anyway thank you to The Book Lover’s Musings

2015 reading challenge

Anyone else doing any book related challenges?

(And, thank you to Popsugar whoever they may be, I’ve seen a number of bloggers who have picked this one up and intend to run with it)

Happy New Year’s Eve/New Year, one and all