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Purity and Grace

Des prezHere is music by Josquin des Prez, effortlessly rendered by the Orlando Consort

What particularly impresses is that the musical lines are extremely clear and unmuddied, the interweaving of vocal lines shimmer tightly. This is, due to the fact that the Orlandos choose to have only one person singing each line; the result is that it becomes possible, with concentration, to follow one voice whilst holding the orlandowhole.

Its rather like looking at a complicated, beautiful piece of multicoloured weaving, finding delight in viewing the harmoniousness of the whole, and shifting attention to each line of colour, looking at the pattern it individually makes. The listener is drawn in to a very active listening experience, rather than the passive washing over of sound.


Art reaches a high level when the participants are so much in control of their technique, and so much in tune with their material, that they make what they do seem utterly effortless, hiding the joins and structure of technique. The Orlandos sing this music as if it were the easiest, and most obvious thing to do, to reach perfection.


Josquin Desprez – Motets – Orlando Consort Amazon UK This has been reissued, more Des prez prettycheaply, but only as a CD so you can’t hear on mp3 Prettier cover too!
Josquin Desprez – Motets – Orlando Consort Amazon USA