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Cool, spacious, mantra -like Mass

Obrecht TallisThis is a remarkably `clean’ piece, acoustically, the quality of the setting, not to mention the very even quality of the singers, who hold their notes without vibrato, so that long open notes just roll out, gently rising, falling, intermingling.

The effect is rather like standing on some quiet, calm shore with the waves barely ruffled by breeze. Out beyond the edge of vision, where sea and sky meet, fading into each other, it becomes impossible to see which is which, and an empty space opens and continues. On and on.

The viewer/listener, is floated and held by this cool immensity of horizon/sound. This is singing with the quality of a mantra and The Tallis Scholars do something most magical to hold such a perfectly placed, strong and pervasive ease and poise for what is after all, a long Mass.

Unfortunately I can’t find a You Tube clip of the Tallis Scholars singing this piece, and the only You Tube version was too ‘bounced and busy’ to please me, so the clip below IS of Obrecht, and IS with the Tallis Scholars, doing beautiful things to another sacred piece. However, there is no visual! Gaze at the black rectangle, and just listen.

lineup Tallis

Obrecht: Missa Maria Zart Amazon UK
Obrecht: Missa Maria Zart Amazon USA