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Horse Technical Thanks and Warnings of Flickering Images Are Due:
I’ve long been deeply admiring of the repeating images which often adorn the interesting blog posts of Madame Bibilophile’s excellent blog

And then my esteemed long-time bloggy friend and mentor on things bloggy, FictionFan made a post with one.

So I asked for instructions…

You have been warned…………future posts are likely (for a while at least) to suffer a plethora of over and over until I work this new delightful trick out of my system.

Thanks Madame Bibi! Thanks FictionFan!

And meanwhile, whilst you listen to Patti, here is possibly the most heartbreaking and frustrating gif a woman could ever find…….

Chocolate gif

I think it’s time I tried to grab that horse and get out of this place…………….., or at least be in a position to catch up with some of that fast moving chocolate