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Enchanted by Izy (beloved by dentists!)

top-with-cinnamonI have been bowled over by Izy almost against my will. YES this book is not going to be one of the cookbooks in daily use, mainly because it is really a sweet and sticky bakes and desserts book, with a few main dishes and savoury (and LOTS of sweet) snacks thrown in for good measure.

BUT Izy is 18, bubbling over with enthusiasm, loves cooking, loves eating, and just expresses such joie de vivre and desire to SHARE the pleasure that it would take a harder-hearted, surlier cynic than I would ever want to be, NOT to roll over, surrender and say, ah, bless, good on you, and……mm let me into the kitchen and attabake NOW

This would particularly be a fabulous book for other young chefs or would be chefs. She is refreshingly ‘hey, this is FUN!, this is COOL! This is EASY!’ and though at times I squinted at the text (tiny, tiny) and thought there might be an overkill of photos and not QUITE enough recipes, I felt a churl for even thinking this.

As a vegetarian some of the (Not that many) main dishes are of course NOT FOR ME, so we will draw a veil over them, and those that want to see can look at the index on a ‘look inside’

This is a very helpful book for the utter novice cook, as Izy shows and tells how to make such staples as bread dough, pastry, not to mention how to prepare and line cake tins and roll-out and prepare pastry in a flan tin, and how to make various staples she uses a lot of such as chocolate and hazelnut butter and chocolate ganache.

But how can a fellow chocolate lover NOT surrender to Izy, a serious chocca young lady if ever there was one – Chocolate Chip Amaretto Torte, Swedish chocolate cake, boozy mocha Coconut Layer Cake (sandwiched with that chocolate ganache yum) and the like.

You can keep your surly bad tempered chefs who dishearten the rest of us with complexity. Izy Hossack is infectiously joyous, as are her recipes It must be a surfeit of endorphins from all that chocolate.

AND should you decide you would like more Izy recipes, there is her blog, surprisingly entitled Top With Cinnamon.

A picture for Coconut Bostock - recipe on her site Top With Cinnamon

A picture for Coconut Bostock – recipe on her site Top With Cinnamon

Very helpfully, Izy who lives in the UK has an American Italian mother, so she covers every single base on the measurement, – the weighted ones, Imperial and Metric, and those frankly WEIRD (to a Brit) Stateside volume ones, for her baking recipes, so meaning her book can be happily used by all!

Izy’s other enthusiasm is photography, so the visuals, as well as the food (and no doubt the choice of that tiny text!) is also testament to her creative skills

Second edition, maybe she’ll turn the font size up! (Okay, that’s the advantage if you get this in eread, but then..losing those lovely photos!)

I happily received this from the Amazon Vine UK programme as a review copy

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