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Today marks the anniversary of my very first blog! And what a whirlwind of fascinating posts (yours) long-winded and opinionated posts (mine) and new virtual friends who have added immeasurably to my day, not to mention the growth of my To Be Read pile, and the percentage of my income which gets diverted to books, books, more books!

Sooooooo……….I’ve trawled through the reviews, and have managed to find new AUTHORS who came to me directly from bloggers; authors getting a firm thumbs up, whom I either eagerly have already read more of, or will in the fullness of yada yada!

Sutton BookEquilateral Burial_Rites_HBD_FC The Color Master We Have Always Lives In The Castle Stay Awake

So, fab to have found those authors, thanks authors for the pleasure!

But it was you bloggers and your blogs where I found them.

So……..thanks, particularly to the bloggers who brought me these

Ken Kalfus’ Equilateral came from FictionFan’s book reviews  as did:
Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites and Aimee Bender’s The Color Master

AND Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived In The Castle, but SHE showcased the Shirley Jackson on one of her various ‘I found this on….’ features, announcing her pre-reads. The original blog she then introduced me to was Litbeetle

Dan Chaon’s Stay Awake
came on a recommendation from Jilanne Hoffman

Finally J.R. Moehringer’s Sutton was profiled on a wonderful library collective blog, Blogging For A Good Book (bfgb), the Williamsburg Regional Library

Most thanks must go to FictionFan, a prior virtual booky friend (blame Amazon reviewers) who pushed me, whimpering faintly, into blogging and was a big sister of advice and encouragement. And especially thanks for introducing me to  NetGalley, where I found more new authors, and also new books by already favourite authors as ARCS (just as well I got some free books because of my astonishing spend through seeing tempting books around the blog-o-sphere)

Fiction Fan gets my personal award for not only promoting books (even though many of the books she thumbs up I thumb down and vice versa!) but for specifically promoting other bloggers. She is a tireless rooter out of blogs, and has been responsible for me finding other bloggers, other books. Lets hear it for FictionFan, and her generous promotion of us all!

A thanks to NetGalley, who link up with publishers to provide ARCs for us dedicated bookie bloggietypes, buried in obsessive reading, and particularly to one of my favourite publishers Open Road Integrated Media, for ARCs on older authors, reissued in immaculate digital format. OpenRoadMedia have given me some excellent re-reads of out of print books I remember from way back. Hopefully this also heads up NetGalley for any of you inveterate readers with an insatiable habit and a dwindling bank balance who may not realise the answer to your penury lies just a few clicks away!

I’m more of a dipper in and out of lots of blogs and a liker and commentator on individual posts, than a follower of many blogs, as I whimper if my Reader becomes too full of posts I don’t have time to look at, and am overwhelmed by feelings of guilt for not having time to look , but a few I can’t resist impatiently waiting for posts from are:

Emily Ardagh’s A Poem for Everyday, whose sensitive, thoughtful critique of well loved and lesser known poems is a real delight

Painters On Painting is a fairly new blog. I love it! – what Emily Ardagh does for poetry these artists do for painting – a different artist analyses a favoured painting, and also shows a piece of their own artwork which has in some way been inspired by the other work which means so much to them

The marvellous Interesting Literature, collection of contributors has long been one of my favourite blogs, as they are, well, INTERESTING (and witty, and hugely informative) about various literary facts and figures. They invite guest contributors and I like their blog even more especially when their guest contributor is the erudite

Viola Van De Sandt, who on her own blog, Broken Glass specialises in women writers of British and American literature, particularly in the Victorian era though she does look at more modern depictions of women in the arts generally

The excellently descriptive Medical Revolt is another of my favourites, an American clinician with a drum to bang for complementary approaches to medicine. He has been quiet of late, and I wait impatiently for a post to drop into my reader to continue my education! Perhaps if more people drop by he might post again, and enlighten me further around matters vitamin, mineral and herbal.

and  last, but very definitely not least

Jilanne Hoffman, writing on many things, thought provoking, witty, welcoming, both on her own blog, The Writer’s Shadow and as one of the contributors on the Dogpatch Collective Of Writers, always a good place to visit and browse around the posts, and the blogs of those who hang out there!

I wish I had more time not only for my TBR books but my To Be Followed Bloggers! There are a legion of you out there who have entertained, enlightened and thought-provoked me.

Flicr Tea and Cakes - Free to Share!

Flicr Tea and Cakes – Free to Share!

A year on, my visitors have kindly dropped by enough to take the visits into a 5 figure number (memo to self, place order for more cake, a lot more cups and some giant tea urns) and I have by all accounts acquired over 200 followers. Eek! I never realised there were so many people behind me. Thank you all, very much. More tea, anyone? I’ve run out of cups, could you please bring your own next time, all the washing of the cups and baking of the cakes and boiling of the kettles means I’m behind with my reading!

Time to blow out my candle, and gum my way through my slice of cake with my own first tooth.cupcake_face

It really wasn’t a good idea to eat the candle as well

And while I lie down in a darkened room, to recover, encouraging me into the second year, is Nicole Pesce: