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Living anatomy

sacred-mirrors-book-by-alex-grey-2This stunning and psychedelically influenced artbook revolutionises a purely left brain, clinical view of anatomy.

Whilst of course anyone working clinically with the human body absolutely needs the precision of left brain knowledge of structures, names, functions etc, one problem may be that the body gets reduced to machine, that a sense is lost of the unique individual inhabiting that body.

Grey is a wonderful antidote to time spent looking purely at anatomical textbooks and encourages the holding of anatomical structures in the mind’s eye in a more holistic and vibrant way

He’s almost like an anatomical version of William Blake’s artwork in this book – or a visionary version of the other ‘Grey’ – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Ken Wilber’s historical overview of Grey’s work is helpful as is Grey’s own account of Sacred Mirrors itself, but it is the wonderful, teeming, dynamic pictures which thrill, starting with anatomical structure and then opening out into a interconnecting web of energy


Don’t, for very obvious reasons – the diminution of beauty and delight, think of getting Alex_Grey_Painting_1this on the Kindle – why it is so offered is beyond comprehension! – this is a very large (though not thick) book, and the stunning, vibrant artwork really needs to be pored over, allowing its visuals and intricacy to delight and submerge the viewer.

Sacred Mirrors – The Visionary Art of Alex Grey Amazon UK
Sacred Mirrors – The Visionary Art of Alex Grey Amazon USA