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Happiness Is A Warm Penguin!

Penguin Cafe OrchestraWell what can one say. Penguin Café Orchestra are a musical smile! Taking repetition, minimalism and excellent musicianship out of the high reflective, internalised experience of, for example, Philip Glass, this places such music under a warm sun, a beach umbrella, a brightly coloured fruit and punch cocktail in hand, where the days are filled with splendour and playful happiness. The musicians who comprised the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra cohered around composer and musician Simon Jeffes. Since Jeffes death the music still goes on

How can you not smile at music with such absurd titles as `Pythagoras’ Trousers’ and `The Ecstasy of Dancing Fleas’ ? This isn’t the sort of music that I normally fill my days with, preferring deep intense reflective musical journeys, but sometimes one just has to get one’s face out of the numinous and giggle at musical high spirits!

Difficult to categorise this music – Amazon have it filed under Rock, I’ve also seen it categorised as New Age – 2 genres which would seem to be diametrically opposed really!

IMO it is neither; perhaps a new category Musical DaDa Or Music of The Absurd, to steal categories from Art and Theatre. This music is deliciously silly, a stream of bubbles and celebratory balloons

Telephone and Rubber Band and Cutting Branches For a Temporary Shelter are particularly broad smile inducing! Numbers 1-4 is the closest the Penguins come to `blue’ – sweet and lyrical – like watching the sun set while you know that as soon as that happens someone is going to light a fire and start waving sparklers to announce a mellow party. And those dancing fleas are pretty laid back!

I’m looking at the humble rubber band with a new respect, and bow down to the Penguin thenmasterful rubber band virtuoso of Penguin Café Orchestra. Begone pale violin and cello. Classical pieces will henceforth be scored for rubber band.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Penguin Cafe Orchestra Amazon UK

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Penguin Cafe Orchestra Amazon USA