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The Widow's Tale

This is an extremely easy to read book, which is also beautiful and very rewarding. Don’t expect nail-biting tension or rollercoaster plotting. Its an ostensibly simple story of a perfectly ordinary life, and as the book progresses the narrator becomes more and more real, and more and more engaging through her very ordinariness and the ordinariness of the events of her life.

The title of the book says it all, as does the description of the plot in the publicity blurb. A woman loses her husband, and this book recounts probably 2 or 3 weeks where she is going through the processes such an event throws up. That’s really all there is to the book.

The revelation and enjoyment are in the feisty, terrified, too heavy-drinking, devastated, funny (about herself as much as anything else) vulnerable, pig-headed, nature and expressiveness of ‘the Widow’ whose tale this is.

The male author has absolutely succeeded in inhabiting a female sensibility. I had Mick Jacksonmoments of laugh out loud in public reading this, at some of the witty turns of phrase and way of seeing the world and herself which ‘the Widow’ came up with – and then, almost immediately would have to wipe away tears as the rawness of desolation, despair, need and pain were revealed.

An excellent book, truthful and immediate.

I received it originally as an ARC from Amazon Vine UK

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