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Writer Of Many Voices Still Scores With Just One

Green BlackSwan GreenDavid Mitchell is a fantastic writer, continuing to display chameleon skills with every book. he can write, truthfully, with several different voices, and in several different styles.

In this book published in 2006, on one level he damps down his pyrotechnics,by staying with one narrator throughout, rather than ‘linking’ different stories.

What he ends up with is a book of more traditional structure, following the journey of a adolescent boy, growing up in the early 80’s in Worcestershire, with elements of the author’s own painful and often funny adolescence set against a backdrop of the Falklands War.

Whilst Mitchell can easily match Sue Townsend (Adrian Mole) with comedic touches, he also connects with something much more visceral and poignant. Like Townsend’s book, this can be read with equal enjoyment by an adult, and by someone going through the journey of boy into young man

His engaging narrator learns a lot in the space of a year about some very adult issues. davidmitchellThis is a much easier book to read than Mitchell’s others, and his craft is displayed much less flamboyantly, but is no less satisfying

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