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Joie de Vitry!

OrlandosThis is a stunningly pretty collection. The fourteenth century composer Philippe de Vitry  here is most joyously rendered by the Orlando Consort, who float and weave their musical lines with effortless grace (so it sounds) It seems impossible such voices should issue forth  from the gentlemen on the left!

The pieces lack the intensity of the religious/spiritually inspired pieces of early vocal music.

These are for the most part secular, and range from lively little airs, with a jaunty, spring like feel, like a French version of Sumer is a cumin in – to full bodied plaints which sound like an ardent swain pleading for his lady’s favours – a wooing song, a love song, no less, and pieces which just seemed designed to show off the composer, lyricist and singers’ artistry, in an `oh how did they do THAT’ sort of way, for the listener, and leave us applauding their skills and the pleasure this music brings.

It’s possible (not having the texts on an mp3 download) that some of these are songs of praise, but if they are, it is to a divinity who a friend, not to a being who is full of awe and majesty. More of a lares and penares sort of providence.

This is such smile filled music!

Philippe de Vitry and the Ars Nova Amazon UK
Philippe de Vitry and the Ars Nova Amazon USA