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Floating on Thermals

parandehaThis is music of wide horizons, spacious and with no sense of strain in its production from the musicians. This is particularly, and spectacularly, true of Homa Niknam’s vocals. You can really hear how open her throat must be to produce these soaring, floating, turning sounds, ululations, undulating vibrato, pure held notes, sudden stops. This music touches something ancient, almost primeval, a melancholy, and an awestruck acceptance; humankind, gazing up at the stars, aware of distances and scale


We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky

to quote another troubadour (Leonard Cohen)

220px-HosseinAlizadehThe musicians are Hossein Alizadeh on setar, Madjid Khaladj, Khaladjpercussion, and Homa Niknam – vocals don’t describe the half of it. Amazing Persian classical music
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