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Crystalline castles In The Air

This beautiful collection of music by Ockeghem
, Brumel and de la Rue is stunning.

OckeghemFor the first time, I can really see the close connection between music and maths. These pieces are composed of such close and weaving harmonies, that they seem to create a sacred geometry of sound space, constructing something almost architectural in its balance and perfectly poised tensions. Listening to this, its at times impossible to work out whether the music is rising or falling, expanding or diminishing and contracting, as it seems to perform those oppositions all at once.

Though I am particularly drawn to music which is suffused with a longing, which feels as if can never come to Ockeghem manuscriptfruition or resolution, this music comes from a different place. The devotion and faith which created it seem totally secure. The musical lines seem always to be resolved, even as they move to resolution. There is such a sense of always renewing balance.

Johannes+OckeghemThat’s the music itself, and then there is the combination of fluidity and control from The Clerk’s Group, an effortless, everflowing stream of voices, building this rare fantastical soundscape.

The whole CD is a delight, but track 4, Fors seulement l’attente, chanson for 3 voices, is a pinnacle of pinnacles

Pictures of Manuscript and Ockeghem from Wikimedia Commons
Ockeghem: Requiem; Missa Fors Seulement Amazon UK
Ockeghem: Requiem; Missa Fors Seulement Amazon USA