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I SAY jazz doesn’t as a genre, do it for me, then I hear this. Thanks to a recommendation which mentioned the magical words Scandinavian, melancholy and SHORT all together, I had a 30 sec mp3 listen and then immediately bought this. Because I do like, a lot, Jan Garbarek’s blue, spacious, melancholy sax, and Liberetto definitely also has that slightly exhausted 4 in the morning feel, which hooks me in.

The easy , sleazy, languorous piano of TigranLiberetto (who of course I had never heard of, till now, not being a jazzer) is impressive and seductive. This is definitely music for a certain mood – for me, you’ve sat up all night, talking, one of those nights where conversation is deep, smooth, easy. Everyone has had a good time, no one wants to leave, you have become too tired to make the effort to crawl away to sleep. It’s 4 in the morning, dawn is on the edge butTigran_Hamasyan somehow the dawning light is not yet cruel enough to show the spilled glasses, the overflowing ashtrays, the tired faces (clearly this is a long ago memory fragment – overflowing ashtrays and all), and you are at that edge where the smudged and tired faces hold a kind of beauty. You know you should leave….but maybe not quite yet.

Most of the CD is right in there in its blue smokiness. I wasn’t quite so keen on the track where Tigran moans and mumbles lyrics, Hov arek sarer djan (sorry Tigran!) I think he should let his fingers do the talking! But the foray into song aside, great stuff!

Photo of Tigran – Wikimedia Commons
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