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Sharman Apt Russell

Everything Connects

I’ve long loved Apt Russell’s writings, a combination of science and the transcendent experience of mysticism, inspired by the natural world, since I discovered her Anatomy of a Rose: The Secret Life of Flowers some years ago.

I’ve known that the term to apply to myself was ‘Pantheist’ Standing In the Lightsince my teens, and that luminous, numinous experience from the natural world was present for me since childhood. However this book reflects a more mature analysis of Pantheism, tracing skeins of Pantheistic thought through from the ancient Greeks (Heraclitus), Roman (Marcus Aurelius) through other figures such as Giordano Bruno, Spinoza, and strong traditions which can encompass facets of Pantheism in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and, closer to a Western Tradition, the Quaker movement.

74112587.YkEK12Oo.WhoopingCranesInFlight_53140Apt Russell describes herself as a ‘scientific pantheist’, but her connection to the Quaker movement is also strong, taken there because the ‘everything connects’ of course includes all humanity, and therefore has to have a strong basis in reconciling conflict, taking practical action in community, and living with clarity, as far as able. The book is a lovely combination of tracing the theory and history of the wide variety of Pantheistic thought, and her own personal relationship with ‘the healing power of nature’ – whether that is mountains, cranes, grass – or fellow humanity.
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